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Boundary Trap Replacement

Boundary Trap Replacement

At Draintech, we are experts in all areas of drain repair and maintenance, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding service. Contact us today for a free comparative quote, and experience the Draintech difference.

Many properties in Melbourne have boundary trap connections. A boundary trap connection is the last point of the property owner’s responsibility before the sewer becomes the property of the water authority. The boundary trap, shaft, and lead off junction are the most common areas to fail in older properties; and due to the depth, repairs of this nature can often become very costly to repair.

Draintech Melbourne has extensive experience in this type of work, having relined and replaced boundary traps all over Melbourne. Where suitable, we have the skills and expertise to reline your boundary trap and lead off junction without digging it up, potentially saving you thousands of dollars.

When relining is no longer possible due to collapsed or misaligned pipes, a replacement is required. No matter the location or the depth, we can replace any boundary trap and always strive for the most cost-effective solution for our clients. We use a variety of methods to excavate the boundary trap, including manual excavation, hydro excavation, mechanical excavator, or any combination.

Our team members are all trained in trench shoring and excavation, and work to the highest level of safety to ensure your job is finished to meet our strict standards and specifications.

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Boundary Trap Replacement

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