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CCTV Domestic

CCTV Domestic

CCTV Domestic

There are many common reasons for a drainage survey, including poor drainage or frequent blockages in your drains.

Our range of CCTV cameras can accurately survey your drains. We collate the information and provide you with a written report along with the footage on a customised usb stick for your records.

Common reasons for drainage survey:

  • Structural damage, building movement or cracking in walls.
  • Blocked or frequently blocking drains.
  • Prior to purchasing a new property.
  • Tree roots breaking terracotta drains.

We have the latest drain cameras to survey the condition of your drains. We can pin point any issues that we find using our locating equipment and can survey drains from 50mm up to 375mm in diameter.

If any issues are identified during the survey Draintech will provide the most cost effective solution to rectify the problem.

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CCTV Domestic

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