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Drain Relining / No Dig Trenchless Technology / (CIPP) Cured in Place Pipe

Drain Relining / No Dig Trenchless Technology / (CIPP) Cured in Place Pipe

At Draintech, we are Melbourne's experts in all areas of drain pipe relining, repairs and maintenance, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding service. Contact us today for a free comparative quote, and experience the Draintech difference.

At the core of our business is our relining crews. Our drain relining process is used to repair damaged or corroded pipes throughout Melbourne without the need for excavation or replacement. It involves inserting a flexible liner coated with resin into the existing pipe, which then hardens to create a new, durable pipe within the old one.

Our pipe relining process typically involves several steps:

  • Inspecting the damaged pipe
    A plumber will first use a camera to inspect the damaged pipe and determine the extent of the damage.
  • Cleaning the pipe
    The damaged pipe is then cleaned and cleared of
    any debris or blockages using high-pressure water or mechanical tools.
  • Preparing the liner
    A flexible liner coated with resin is measured and
    cut to fit the length of the damaged pipe.
  • Inserting the liner
    The liner is then inserted into the pipe using a
    special tool, and inflated to fit tightly against the inside of the existing pipe.
  • Curing the resin
    The resin is then cured using heat or UV light, which
    hardens the liner and creates a new, durable pipe within the old one.
  • Inspecting the new pipe
    Once the liner is in place, the plumber will use a camera to inspect the
    new pipe and ensure that it is functioning properly.

Drain relining offers many benefits to customers throughout Melbourne:

  • Cost savings
    Drain relining is much more cost-effective than excavation or pipe replacement, as it requires less labour and materials.
  • Minimal disruption
    Because drain relining does not require excavation, it is a less disruptive solution for repairing damaged pipes.
  • Increased durability
    The new pipe created by drain relining is highly
    durable and provides long-lasting results.
  • Eco-friendliness
    Drain relining is a more environmentally friendly solution than excavation, as it minimises the amount of waste generated during the repair process.

It is important to hire a licensed and experienced Melbourne based plumber to perform drain relining, as the process requires specialised equipment and knowledge.

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Drain Relining / No Dig Trenchless Technology / (CIPP) Cured in Place Pipe

Commonly Asked Questions about Drain Relining

How much does a drain relining cost?

There is no set cost for a drain relining as each job can vary significantly. In order to adequately quote pipe relining cost we will need to assess the site. Contact us today to get a quote.

What are the benefits of pipe relining?

  • Less intrusive: Utilising pipe relining over other methods means it will be a “no dig” job. Digging for a drain relining can be a time consuming and costly process for the same result.
  • Cost effective: Because drain relining does not require the pipe to be dug out, it saves a large amount of time and money as it is a “no dig” process.
  • Durable: Drain relining provides a longer lifespan to the pipe over traditional repairs and replacements.

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