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Sewer & Stormwater Drainage Installation

Sewer & Stormwater Drainage Installation

At Draintech, we are experts in all areas of drain repair and maintenance, and we pride ourselves on our outstanding service. Contact us today for a free comparative quote, and experience the Draintech difference.

Draintech Melbourne are experts in the repair and installation of new sewer and stormwater drains of any length. These projects involve the installation of underground pipes and systems that carry wastewater and rainwater away from homes and buildings.

The two types of drainage systems have different functions:

Sewer Drainage

This type of drainage system carries wastewater from toilets, sinks, showers, and other plumbing fixtures to a treatment plant, where it is cleaned and purified before being released back into the environment.

Once the pipework leaves your property, the main sewerage network is owned and operated by your local water authority. In Melbourne, the main water authorities are Greater Western Water, South East Water, and Yarra Valley Water.

Stormwater Drainage

This system carries rainwater and other surface water away from buildings and roads, to prevent flooding and damage to infrastructure.

Your private stormwater drains generally discharge into a council owned barrel drain, located in an easement or under a nature strip or road. Your local council will own and maintain the main stormwater drains up until your legal point of discharge (LPD), which is the point your private drain connects to the council main drain.

At Draintech Melbourne, we have extensive experience in the end-to-end installation process of sewer and stormwater drains, which typically includes:

  • Design and planning
    A licensed plumber or engineer will assess the site and design a drainage system that meets the needs of the building and local regulations.
  • Excavation and preparation
    The installation site is excavated and prepared for the installation of the drainage pipes.
  • Pipe installation
    The pipes are then installed and connected to the existing plumbing or stormwater system using specialised fittings and connectors.
  • Testing and inspection
    The system is tested and inspected to ensure that it is functioning properly and meets local codes and regulations. On completion, a drainage inspection is usually booked through the Victorian Building Authority (VBA), and in some instances an inspector will come onsite to ensure that the works completed are compliant.

It is important to hire a licensed and experienced plumber to perform sewer and stormwater drainage installation.

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Sewer & Stormwater Drainage Installation

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